Sort(a) Mission Day

sortashirtSort[a] Mission Day is a one day, churchwide mission event where we move outside the walls of the church to meet and love our neighbors. ALL members and friends of Second are welcome to join as we serve our community together. There are projects for everyone no matter your age, interest, or skill level.


Click this image for more photos of Sort[a] Mission Day 2013.

We know that every day, as individuals, we are given opportunities – and challenges – to love our neighbors. We also know that every day, members of Second Baptist scatter to serve as individuals and in small groups throughout Memphis. However, there is something unique and powerful when we ALL come together and move as one body out into our community to reflect the heart of Christ.

We believe that when we do this, several things happen:

  1. We discover new ways that God is at work in our city.
  2. We meet new people and go to new places in our city.
  3. We draw closer as a community of faith as we serve side by side.
  4. We send a message to our city about what the love of Christ looks like.
  5. We allow God to continue stretching and transforming our hearts and minds.

Sort[a] Mission Day is typically scheduled in April. If you would like to learn more, are interested in volunteering with us, or would like for us to serve with your organization contact Daniel Johnson.  To see pictures of our family in action on SORT[a] MISSION DAY 2013, click here.


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